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PS raw material
PS Moulding Applications

PS mouldings using environmentally-friendly materials and high technology manufacturing, reducing deforestation, meet the national engineering decoration non-toxic harmless green product standards. Compared with the conventional plaster and wood mouldings, has obvious advantages.

Performance and advantages

PS frame mouldings ingenious, sophisticated, elegant style, style diversity, bright color, smooth, magnificent and colorful, excellent quality. Widely used in picture frames, photo frames, mirror frames, cross stitch boxes and hotel home interior decoration lines. Realistic appearance of a wood texture, surface does not need paint, and has the advantages of moisture-proof, flame retardant, easy to clean and so on. Apply to hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and other public places and family interior decoration.

PS moulding applications

1, Through a special process, PS moulding with its own advantages to win the recognition of consumers, are widely used in villa construction, building decoration, old building renovation and so on.

2, In and top grade houses, villas, guesthouses, hotels, entertainment venues, religious activities place, office space, company decoration, conference hall and all indoor and outdoor places.
application of PS mouldings

3, PS decorative material used in the curtain wall: the country to vigorously promote the cause of building energy efficiency, not only gave birth to an unprecedented building energy efficiency market, but also the traditional decorative materials presented a huge challenge. For the traditional curtain wall systems - aluminum and stone, in order to achieve the ideal energy-saving effect, only overlay mineral wool felt or polyurethane foam, filling the gap between the curtain wall and the wall. This not only exacerbated the overall construction difficulty, but also significantly prolong the overall construction cycle. Now, we have successfully developed the PS mouldings directly applied to the curtain wall installation technology, can significantly improve the above defects, to improve the user's return on investment, reducing energy consumption of society, the application of this insulation decoration integration technology, has played a very significant role.

PS moulding manufactured by the polymer process, with both wood and plastic excellent characteristics, production of products achieved the real wood results. Due to the use of raw materials and production process without the use of glue, no formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, trichlorethylene and other harmful substances, is the new type green environmental protection material instead of traditional wood.

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