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PS decorative moldings have two purposes: photo frame, home decoration. So usually people would say that the picture frame mouldings and home decoration mouldings. But what is the difference between them?

Many people can not distinguish European photo frame mouldings and decorative mouldings, think the two are the same, just different names, in fact is not. According to the introduction of the staff of Yixin photo frame mouldings factory, the difference between the two is mainly in the following points.

1, In terms of use: PS decorative mouldings have two kinds of uses, namely, picture frame and home decoration. The PS frame mouldings including picture frame mouldings, cross stitch decorative mouldings, mirror frame mouldings, these are the mounting mouldings. And home decoration mouldings including outside corner moulding, inside corner moulding, skirting moulding, these are decoration beautification function.

2, In terms of process: the back side of the photo frame moulding needs to have a slot to get stuck for a photo or painting. And usage should be cut 45 degree angle, then framed into a case, because of the different contents inside the only difference is called: photo frame, picture frame, mirror frame. And the front of the decorative molding is flat and smooth, the overall relatively thin, this will help to the more perfect paste or nail on the wall in the decoration process.

3, The most important point is that both of them are completely different in the back.

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