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The Home Trends You're About to See Everywhere

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Though designers and editors are scouting the latest in home decor all year round, twice a year this trend-hunting goes into overdrive, as we visit the biannual High Point Market, the world's largest furniture fair and a showcase of what's to come in design. From fabrics to furniture to fixtures and fittings, it's all on display in High Point, and, though we're never ones to stick to trends, per se, there are always a few themes we can't help but notice. Fresh off our flights, we're here to tell you what you're about to see everywhere. Trust us.

Tables made from petrified wood; pendants woven with branches; stools covered in coconut shell beads: Everywhere we looked this market we saw nods to the natural world. At Bernhardt, the backs of chairs were covered in a pattern meant to mimic the look of a field of wheat. At McGuire, guest designer Nicole Hollis used a weed called lampakanay (yes, it's as fun to say as it sounds) to give an organic look to mirrors and furniture.

Light Finishes

In keeping with the organic theme, many furniture companies are showcasing new, lighter finishes for wood items (like on the dining table shown above). These washes better play up the wood grain and provide a striking contrast to bolder upholstery. Still love your walnut or teak furniture? Fear not: Mixing is a big "do."

Blush Everything

Alas, it seems the infamous Millennial Pink isn't going away anywhere soon. Splashes of the dusty hue cropped up all over market, from upholstery to drapery to rugs. It shouldn't come as such a surprise: After all, pink has long been thought to have a relaxing effect, and many designers turn to a light shade of the hue for the flattering glow it casts. Designer Thomas O'Brien, for example, is partial to Benjamin Moore's Tissue Pink.

Bold Wallpaper

A pop of loud color or bold wallpaper behind your headboard? Next. "Instead, try to elevate the space as a whole with a subtle textured wallpaper. It's enough to add that pop you want, but with a better sense of cohesiveness that doesn't overdo it," explains Lauren Evans, an elite designer at Decorist.

Equally Bold Art

It's only fitting that a wider palette for wallcoverings should go hand-in-hand with a keener eye for art. And yes, that means saying goodbye to your "live, laugh, love" signs, please. "Signs like 'dream' or 'romantic' make your room feel the exact opposite—any room with those signs is not a dream," says Decorist celebrity designer Jonathan Rachman. (For the record, we wholeheartedly agree.) Instead, he urges people not to fear colors and patterns on their walls. "Commit to a wallpaper you love, and yes, you can put art or photographs on that wallpaper," he explains. Doing this will create a room that feels uniquely yours, and not store-bought.

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