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Hot home decor trends

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Gallery-style art that covers an entire wall

The minimalist look is on its way out. While minimalism created such a calming environment, designers are going for bolder colours and graphic shapes in art.

Painted cabinets in colours like blue, and even black

Kitchens get an update with cabinet colours that move away from traditional wood and white. Think soft blue, or a darker blue for a dramatic effect.

Floral is a fresh, bright look

Floral patterns are making a comeback in everything from fabric to wallpaper. This is not the chintz look of decades past, but a beautiful statement look on walls with an eye to warm patterns.

Bronze, brass and iron accents

Metallic finishing done well is one of the ways to create contrast and interest. Designers are looking to brass and even iron to balance rooms and bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary. Just don’t mix them too much or use pieces that are too large.

Think tie-backs for drapes, or trim on lampshades

This is a surprising trend, and there’s a special word for it: passementerie. It’s French, of course, for the trimmings and edgings on everything from throws and bedding, to lamps and clothing. Yes, this means tassels and fringe, or cord and beads.

Special pieces in small numbers

We could have predicted this trend in light of all the popular TV shows about decluttering. This is the purge you’ve been waiting for. If an item in your home doesn’t speak to you on several levels, get rid of it, or put it in storage.

Chunky hardware

This is cropping up everywhere from kitchens to bathrooms. Forget the cute little knobs and handles and go for a dramatic look.

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