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Chic Home Decor Essentials

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So you’ve moved out of your parents’ house and now you live on your own. Whether you’ve been doing it for a week or for a decade, everyone’s home could use a decorator’s touch. If you’re like me and kind of just like to wing it and just kind of browse until you find your newest piece, decorating can be a personal adventure in developing taste and occasionally stepping back and realizing you’ve done too much. But that doesn’t work for everyone and if you’re planning a get together, or your parents are coming to town, or you’re just in a rush to finally have a space feel like it’s yours, you might want a quick fix.

That’s where I enter. Below you’ll find my home decor essentials that I feel upgrade any space they inhabit. With the addition of even one of these Ally-deemed must haves, your home will go from meh to chic.

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