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Design Pros Predict the Big Decor Trends of 2019

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This time last year, the Clever editors were looking to 2018 with visions of wallpaper, high-gloss lacquer, and bold accent rugs dancing in their heads. Now, after 12 months have passed in a flurry of shiny paint and pattern mixing, inquiring minds (ahem, you guys) want to know what’s next. In search of answers, I asked a select few pros from across the design field for their predictions for the new year. What home decor trends can we expect to see more of in 2019? What shapes, techniques, and materials are they most excited about in their own work? And which colors are on track to become the next millennial pink—or hyper blue? Of course, only time will reveal what’s truly in store, but for now, tell us everything you know, experts—we’re all ears.… 1. The shop owners  According to Helena Barquet and Fabiana Faria, owners of New York City design shop Coming Soon, pastels will take a back seat to deeper, darker jewel tones in 2019. “Pastels have been so prevalent, and these days we’re seeing that richer colors are getting more interest when it comes to home accessories” says Helena. Also gaining popularity: home goods that stray from the abstract and instead resemble recognizable forms, such as animals or people. “There’s less of a pull toward the romantic and more of a desire for something concrete,” Helena says, pointing to Group Partner’s face pots and the shop’s ever-popular Bathing Lady as examples. “Maybe we’re not feeling as romantic these days—people are thinking, I just want to know what this is.”
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