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Decor trends

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Just like fashion, decor trends change from season to season. And the cooler light of winter demands a different look—a space where you'll happily hunker down, comfy and snug until the ground thaws. (Those palm leaf–print linen throw pillows scattered around your living room aren't exactly cozying up the joint up, are they?)

So you should treat your home to the same eye you give your wardrobe when the weather forecast shifts. It's time to revamp with the coldest season’s hottest home trends. After all, you’re going to be stuck inside anyway—so you might as well get to work redecorating, right?

It "conjures up thoughts of being soft, yet strong,” says Paula Taylor, lead designer at Graham & Brown, a wallpaper design and manufacturing company. “It has a duality to its personality and is sophisticated, yet fun. You may see dusty pink upholstery lightening up dark dining chairs, for example, or even to create an accent wall with a wall covering that will bring some character to a lifeless room."

While designers might be turning to light pink for furniture and accessories, they're going to a dark place for paint colors.

Despite conventional wisdom, a dark wall looks chic—and not at all depressing, insists Marina Case, principal designer at The Red Shutters. In fact, dark colors such as black and navy can make your furniture and art really pop.

But take note: This trend looks best in interior spaces—such as hallways and powder rooms—rather than in a large living space that has a lot of natural light.

“You would think [dark colors] make a room look smaller, but they actually make the room look larger," Case says. "For example, an entry foyer or a bedroom vestibule is a great place to do a dark wall. And as for how to accessorize, white moldings look great against this look.”

Grass cloth—that handwoven stuff that was all the rage in the '60s and '70s—is making a comeback in a big way. Typically used for wallpaper, grass cloth today is found on coffee tables, benches, mirror frames, and more. It might seem strange to incorporate such a summery trend during this particular season, but adding a low-key tropical feel during winter's most frigid months can really cheer things up.

“Grass cloth is trending because it adds a whole other texture to the room, and manufacturers have figured out how to do it successfully with furniture,” Case says.

But budget buyers, beware: This look might not be for you.

“Making grass cloth is not an easy process, so you can expect to pay a higher price for this type of furniture,” Case says.

Indeed, grass-cloth furniture on Etsy can easily run upward of $1,000. True grass cloth is handwoven, so if you stumble upon something that looks like a steal, it's probably not the real deal.

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