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The Home Decor Gifts That'll Get You Invited Back

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Decorating a home of any kind, whether it’s a sprawling country manor or a tiny box of an apartment, can be a daunting task. Choosing between various bric-a-brac and knickknacks is hard enough, let alone deciding on an entire aesthetic for the home.

We can’t assist with apartment layout, but we have combed through the internet to find the very best home decoration gifts for this year, whether they’re for you or for your friend who just moved into their first apartment and has no idea what to do with it.

From home decor aesthetes to total decorating newbies, this gift guide has something that anyone would love to receive this holiday season.

but it’s so convincing that hardly anyone would guess. It’s also a perfect gift for anyone who lives in a home, whether they are already a plant parent (they can just stick it in amongst their flourishing collection) or totally new to plants (it’s fake, which means they can’t kill it).

Anyone would be thrilled to receive this gorgeous hand-blown glass vase. Use it just for decoration, or actually put a couple stems in there to liven up any bookshelf or dining table. The ombre-effect glass is chic and will go with any color scheme.

Many people have hanging shelves in their home. But they won’t have one like this, which both resembles an enlarged clothes hanger and is much easier to set up than most hanging shelves.

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