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PS Frame Moulding Is More Environmental Than Solid Wood

Time:2015-10-28 10:24:32Clicks: 1241 Font size:T|T
Yixin frames tell you why PS foam moulding is better than solid wood moulding.
PS foam line is a kind of moulding in framing, is to use high quality plastic, non-toxic tasteless, and has a certain tensile properties, usually using in the decoration of products. Compared with the traditional solid wood line, polystyrene foam line is more environmentally friendly, In order to help you better understand environmental protection of ps foam moulding, we are going to explain in detail about poly foam line and solid wood line.

In nowadays, many families are pay must attention to the safety of decoration materials, the material of environmental protection. Healthy is became a very important subject for people. Normally, the surface of the solid wood line is paint, varnish, gold powder, silver powder, etc., the gas has certain influence human body. And poly foam line is environmental protection, non-toxic, the polystyrene raw material is non-toxic environmental protection, the production process is though extrusion, then pressure, the adornment etc.

Through the above you can see, the raw material is environmental protection non-toxic, coupled with perfect manufacturing process, so polystyrene owns the prominent environmental performance, more environmental protection than solid wood line, so the line will get the favour of numerous consumers. With the increase of usage, when buying using this line, you should pay attention to the appearance of mouldings, quality, etc., to avoid choosing and buying the bad ps moulding. (Edit:yixin frame)
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