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How to add more texture to your home décor

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Texture is the key to making your home look purposefully styled and chic. It can add interest to a monochrome room without breaking the colour palette, and it can soften sleek modern homes that are filled with hard flooring and contemporary furniture. Adding texture to your home not only makes it feel cosy and more tactile, but trendier, too.

When interior designers talk about texture in the home, they’re talking about everything. Walls, furniture, soft furnishings and decorative items can all add tactility to a space. Texture can be visual and physical, and found in fabric, upholstery, paint and window dressings. Adding texture is all about adding things to your home that make it feel ‘touchable’.

Here are some easy ways you can add texture to your home décor.

Add a rug

A rug is an excellent choice for people with hard flooring (such as timber, tiles or polished concrete) that want to soften the space. Rugs can create a ‘zone’ within an open plane home, and can reduce the noise from foot traffic on hard flooring. Aside from all the practical benefits, a rug - regardless whether it’s a high pile or not - can immediately soften a room, make it feel warmer and cosy. Don’t be afraid of using jute or sisal rugs either, as these types of rugs can add a ‘natural’ or ‘coastal’ vibe to a space as well as texture. For really large areas, experiment with layering rugs of different sizes and colours.

Invest in houseplants

A sure-fire way to set yourself on the fast-track to texture and style is by bringing some indoor plants into your space. Pick three or four plants in different sizes, with leaves that vary in shape, size and colour for the best effect.

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