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Digital Frame VS Vintage Picture Frame

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Yixin Frame show you the advantages and disadvantages of the digital picture frame compared with vintage frame.

Vintage frame and digital frame are two different entities in terms of style, price and reliability. One can find many differences between the two in their ability to display a piece of artwork.

One of the key differences between a digital picture frame and vintage picture frame is that, while digital picture ones require energy sources to operate, vintage picture ones do not need any kind of energy sources.

As digital ones require power source to keep on displaying pictures, they need to be plug into an electric source which is a biggest drawback of digital frames. Due to this reason, they cannot be installed on a wall. If hanged in a wall, the power cords will also hang together which is not very attractive for showcasing a piece of artwork or barely taken picture. Moreover, if battery powered ones are hanged in wall, they require frequent changing from wall. However, for vintage picture frames, there is no such problem. Just you need to plug a pin in the wall and hang it.

Digital ones are made with modern technological aids and require configuration of them. On the other hand, vintage frames are made by wood or metal. They are made by hand and therefore, suit apiece of picture perfectly.

Digital ones are especially designed for displaying more than one photograph in sequence. A dozen of photographs can be uploaded in it and can be displayed as slideshow. On the other hand, vintage or traditional picture frames can only display one picture. There is no option of uploading more; but it is good for life-long memories.


There are various types of digital frames available in the market. However, they are very costly. If for saving money one buys a low-resolution digital frame, it will not be able to reproduce the color effect that vintage picture frames do. Even, if one buys a high-resolution digital frame, it will increase the cost comparing to vintage frames. One can find a good wooden and metal picture frame in reasonable price.

Long Lasting Memories

Digital picture frames are prone to damage. They are electric machines and therefore, there is a high chance of being damaged. In such situation, you will lose hard working money invested in it. On the other hand, the old fashioned wooden and metal ones are safer. There is no need to worry about after hanging them in a wall.

For displaying a piece of artwork perfectly, vintage ones are ideal as they can subsequently produce high quality color and match with an artwork. On the other hand, due to their inability of color reproduction with each and every picture, they are not ideal for protecting an artwork.


The size is also a big difference between the two. Traditional ones are both small and large so you can choose as per your requirement whereas digital frames are very small comparing to vintage ones.

Choice of picture frames is your own choice. However, keeping in mind the differences, one needs to buy a picture frame. The purpose should be clear whether for framing only one for lifetime memories or dozens of pictures for few days. (Edit:yixin frame)
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