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The Property Brothers' home upgrades that will elevate your space for less

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Break your home out of its winter rut and get happier in your space with tips from design pros, Jonathan and Drew Scott.

The spring is coming and with it comes an itch to decor . The problem? You have the desire to scratch it — with the Pinterest boards and paint chips to prove it

but you're not sure how to make it all happen. If you're reading this and nodding your head in agreement, you're not alone. According to a, only 2 percent of 1700 respondents polled felt that they had achieved the design vision for their home.

To free us from this design paralysis, we tapped HGTV's Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, the trailblazing twins who just added to their ever-expanding home decor empire, Scott Living.

The first thing the brothers want you to know is this paralysis is completely normal— renovating and decorating is stressful. The pair joke that they're actually licensed therapists, not just contractors. "It's like when you're on a plane. Some people are just — it's the same during a renovation. It stresses them out," says Drew.

With spring cleaning season in full effect, Drew and Jonathan sat down with us to talk about the big and small upgrades we can make today to transform the spaces we live in —  or stressing out.

If a big renovation is more a Pinterest dream than a financial reality, the Property Brothers have some good news. "If you have a new suit and it's not tailored properly, it won't look as good. It's the same with your space — making those little adjustments can make it look a thousand times better," Jonathan says.

And Drew agrees: "You don't need to rip open walls to transform a space. One of the big things that count is furniture design and painting — things you can do yourself — that alone can transform the space." Drew says to think of it like you're painting on a canvas — go with a neutral color and then pop in your textures and tones with furniture and your decor like pillows, artwork.

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