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Decorative Frame: Perfect Solution to Stay Happy

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Guangzhou Yixin Frame, provide the perfect home decoration solution with our diverse fashionable decorative mouldings.
Everyone likes pictures. Be it in a gadget like the smartphone or a nice printed one in a decorative frame laminated with stylish borders. These pictures seem to convey more emotions through their colourful details. And when the occasion is really special and you want to keep it forever close to your heart, even a smartphone becomes dumb over time and your fond memories take a back seat in its storage. That is why decorative frames seem to be the best choice to go back into the past and take a trip down the memory lane. A trip which nourishes the mind and brings back those cherished moments as if they happened in the recent past.

But in today’s economy, let’s face it, every attractive product seems to dig a deep hole in our pockets. That, and the fact that we think it takes time to follow the Do-it-yourself guides even for simple tasks is the reason why we still view the photographs on our phones even though some of the best ones really need a separate place in your house, or in your office, or any place you frequently visit. A place you can go to and feel the joy. Relive those moments. Well, trends in recent times suggest that decorative frame with designed borders and a unique personal touch are the ones people all around the globe like seeing most.

The right picture frame on a desk or wall brightens and adds personality to a room or office. It adds further depth and focus when it is personalized in some way. A family portrait encased in a large gold frame makes a family room appear homey and well lived. So, here we will make a cool and personalised decorative frame so you can not only view the photographs but also enhance them in a beautiful way. There are many different colours and materials you can use to accommodate your frame designs. Sleek designs like sharp edged square or circles are quite the trend these days. Follow the steps below and tweak them a little to get your very own decorative frame:

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, then you can use a thick, recyclable cardboard as the base. Otherwise use a canvas. The size should be an inch or two more than the actual image. You can cut it in any shape you want.
Now carefully place the photograph firmly right in the middle of the canvas or cardboard.
For the borders, use your imagination and get colourful materials. Stick them at the corners.
Add finishing touches like filling the empty spots with polka dots or flowers.
When ready, laminate it with a cellophane sheet for longevity and you are good to go.
So, a decorative frame displays and protects the life of photos, artwork like paintings and documents. It enhances the beauty of the photo item or article within to make a specific moment in time an emotional experience worth repeating in a positive way. And you should definitely try one out. (Edit:yixin frame)
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