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Decorating for the Holidays? Do It Quietly

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No time to hang up the lights or take out the tinsel? Don’t bother. Understated is in this season. Unadorned greenery, simple rustic touches and carefully curated decorations are replacing the usual baubles and bells.

“We’re seeing a shift from holiday-specific décor to pieces that work together to evoke more of a feeling or spirit of the season,” said Kylee Trunck, a senior staff designer at Havenly, the online design service. “Things like faux fur, rustic wood finishes, metallics, plaids and greenery are less overtly holiday-themed, but they bring a cozy and magical feeling to spaces.”

While glitter and garlands are still popular, she said, “nontraditional is becoming the tradition,” with color combinations like pink and turquoise or black and white used in lieu of red and green. “We’re also seeing a mix of quirky characters like peacocks and llamas in metallic finishes edging out the traditional characters of the season.”

All of this is good news for procrastinators who have yet to dig out their decorations. For advice about how to create subtle holiday cheer, we talked to designers about how they do it — and how they’re decorating their own homes this year.

USE WHAT YOU’VE GOT “New Yorkers know all too well that saving space is a necessity, so rather than holiday-specific decorations, I opt for things I can use all year, and then add on to for the season,” said Logan Yost, an interior designer in Manhattan. “For mantels, I have a dozen or so votive holders I gather together. I use them throughout the year for dinner parties, but for holidays, I simply line them up on a bed of tree branches.”

You can also swing by the drugstore and grab a container of small reflective Christmas balls to fill in the greenery, Mr. Yost suggested: “Because a small box is only a few bucks, I choose a new color each year and then toss them.”

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