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How to Make a Customized Picture Frame

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Follow these Yixin Frame suggested steps you should know and you will create the perfect picture frame for your own.
One of the most convenient skills you need to have is the knowledge on how to make a customized picture frame. A customized picture frame will enable you be in a position to have a picture frame that fits your exact requirements in terms of the exact size of your picture and your specific tastes and preferences that you may have.

Materials to have
The first and perhaps most important step when it comes to making a customized picture frame is ensuring that you have all the materials you will need for the construction of the frame. There are several items you will need before commencing with the activity of constructing the perfect customized picture frame for your photos or portraits, whichever the case may be and they include: an acrylic sheet, a wooden base of your choice, a paint or any other finishing solution that is most convenient and appealing to you, wood glue, half inch or smaller screws depending on the exact size of the frame you intend to make, an adhesive material and finally, a painter’s tape.

Mounting the picture
The first step when it comes to making a customized picture frame is to mount the art on the wooden base surface. Mounting the art work simply involves spraying the adhesive material on the flat wooden surface and on the art work and sticking the two components together. The art of picture for that matter should be mounted carefully so that it is able to resonate with your specific positioning requirements. For instance, for a single artwork, the picture should be centrally positioned while for multiple art works, the picture should be positioned at convenient locations on the base area.

Stock preparation
The next step after mounting the picture or artwork is stock preparation. You should ensure that your stock is carefully prepared with all the edges softened so as to enhance the overall appearance of your frame.

Preparation of the frame joints and joining the stocks
The next step when it comes to constructing a picture frame is joint construction and joining of the stocks. You will need several tools for this task and they include: guillotines, table saw or chop saw. You can use any of the three aforementioned tools to cut out various parts of the stock so as to prepare an appropriate frame joint for your customized picture frame. The most appropriate joint type to use is the miter joint and upon lining together the separate pieces of stock, you should nail the together for proper anchorage.

Painting the frame
Your frame is meant to be an aesthetic component and for this reason, it is important to select an appropriate and appealing paint for the frame. The paintwork should cover all the relevant areas of the frame including the stocks and the stock edges.

Assembling the components
The final step in making a customized picture frame is assembly. This involves bringing together all the relevant components comprising of: the stocks, the mounted artwork, and the acrylic sheet. Proper screws should be used during this step in order to ensure that the components are properly anchored together. (Edit:yixin frame)
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