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Home Decoration Ideas With Oil Painting photo frames

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A simple and a colorful art work is more than enough to get life to your interiors. Art work like oil paintings for home decor are the best way to design your house. You will surprised to know that there are different types of oil paintings that can suit your home decor.Here are some home decoration ideas with oil paintings.

Home decoration ideas with oil paintings are:

1.For an Indian traditional look, nothing can beat the Raja Ravi Varma collections. His paintings on Indian Woman and Indian Mythology can never go out of trend. One original artwork on the wall of your living room is more than enough to enhance your living room decor. Even the Tanjore and Mysore oil paintings for home decor can bring a royal look.

2.A painting can speak your taste towards art so careful plan the type of artwork that suits your personality.

3.Go for environment friendly themes and colors like landscape paintings, flower oil paintings etc.

4.Original art work by famous artists will be unimaginably expensive so if you are a fan of the artist then go for a digital print of his artwork which gives you the same clarity as of the original and frame it or laminate in a nice way.

5.For modern living room and bedroom decor, go for abstract paintings as the colors can match with the furnishings and light fixtures.

6.Still life and landscape paintings are also the best way to design the plain living room and bedroom walls.

7.If you are a fan of an actor or a musician then you can have an portrait painting of your favorite icon in your bedroom.

8.For Dining and kitchen decor, you can have an oil painting of fruits and vegetables.

These are the home decoration ideas with oil paintings.

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