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How To Choose The Right Picture Frame?

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The most important details you should know when selecting the perfect picture frame for your artworks.

Picture frames are not just a protection to the picture but a perfect picture frame also adds beauty to the picture. Choosing the style and type of the picture frame is largely a personal decision. However, you should follow certain rules of thumb to make your selection as perfect as possible.

Choosing the right style of the picture frame.This is not simply the selection of best mobile for your needs. Selection of optimum style of picture frame depends on a lot of parameters. First of all, you need to analyse and study your painting in detail. Even if you don’t know a lot about painting, you got to analyse the painting in much greater detail. You should know the type of your painting and if possible, place them beyond different colours to get the idea of which frame colour would suit the best.

Place modern and contemporary art in a vibrant picture frame. You can choose the style of the picture frame as vibrant as possible in the case of modern art. Modern painting drawn in the canvas would look terrific in the extra deep picture frame. Traditional paintings should be placed in a minimalistic picture frame with soothing colour. Colours of the picture frame could ruin or make the picture even more terrific. Hence, take your time in choosing the best colour for your picture.

Choosing the optimum type of picture frames. There are different types of picture frames such as wooden frames, metallic frames, poster frames and shadowboxes. Choosing the correct fame type involves satisfaction of both the style and colour needs. There are a lot of affordable picture frame types such as aluminium and iron frames that could provide reasonable level of satisfaction. Hence, choosing the right frame type involves many parameters including the cost. Wooden picture frame would work great for traditional and classic painting drawn in watercolour, oil and canvas. Golden picture frame would add a majestic look to the classic painting masterpieces. All modern paintings and personal paintings would work fine in metallic frames provided that background colour of the mat and picture frame is chosen perfectly.

Choose the correct dimensions for your picture frame. Most of the amateurs fall prey to buying picture frame of inconsistent size. So, measure the size of picture and matting as accurate as possible before ordering picture frame. Don’t buy standard picture frames available in standard sizes instead order for the personalised ones based on the dimension of your painting and matting. Most people underestimate the significance of choosing correct thickness of picture frame. Thickness of the picture frame should not be too much larger than the thickness of the painting. General rule is, choose thin frames for smaller pictures and vice versa for larger pictures.

Test your painting against as many as frames as possible. Luck favours those who try more. Hence, you should allot maximum time in testing your painting with different types of frames with various style, colour and texture. Once you have done such an extensive testing, you can easily select the best available frame for your painting. (Edit:yixin frame)
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