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Visual breaks for patterned wallpaper

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I like the look of European wallpaper designs. How can I use them in an apartment?

I am worried they make my home look small and cluttered. "European wallpaper designs are typically more ornate and have classical or baroque motifs mimicking fabric patterns. When used appropriately, they make a dramatic impression," says Ms Terri Tan, design director of interior design firm Designworx Interior Consultant.

To prevent pattern from overwhelming a room, have visual breaks to "interrupt" the wallpaper. Fittings such as doors, windows, mirrors, cabinets and even a headboard can do this and they will reduce the overall surface area of wallpaper.

Ms Tan has used patterned wallpaper on the ceiling of a walk-in wardrobe, allowing it to flow from the walls up to the ceiling. "It instantly increases the luxe factor of an otherwise utilitarian space," she says.

Choose a pattern you love and temper its energy or busyness with colours. Bright hues energise, while muted ones evoke stillness. If you choose a large-scale pattern, make sure there is a large enough expanse of wall to show it or the effect will be cluttered.

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