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Traditional Home Decoration Ideas For Ethnic Style

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An ethnic home justifies your aesthetic sense. Your home can have traditional home decor, suiting modern lifestyle for a comfortable dwelling as well as to stay up in trend, for ethnicity lives on.A number of traditional home decor ideas can be drawn from the culture that is so rich. You can also be a traditional amalgam of home interiors across the globe.Wooden, iron, cane furniture etc make up for traditional furniture. Simple rustic furniture, poses an elegant look, though it does not feature intricate carving.Here are some traditional home decoration ideas for ethnic style.

Traditional home decoration ideas for ethnic style are:

1.Cots: Iron cots with floral designs, can add a traditional touch to your bed room. Otherwise, a blend of wood and iron cots, with iron for the decoration can be opted, which simply spells elegance.

2.Almirahs: Traditional Almirahs and heavy wooden chests or drawers can add grandeur to your living room. They need not be intricately carved. Plain wood with iron handles for drawers simply make their presence bold. Almirahs with glass fitted into a wooden frame for the door, can display your crockery with ethnic style. It adds an aesthetic charm to your dinning area. It can also be fitted into your living room to display small collectables. Needless to say that Almirahs can also act as cupboards.

3.Jhoolas or Swings: Swings formed an important home interior piece of an Indian home, an authentic traditional home decor symbol. They are usually heavy with winding creepers and leaves get expressed in wood elegantly. If you are on look out for a simple style, huge wooden board, with iron chains, can add to your ethnic style of a living room, or a private gathering area.

4.Ethnic Sofas: Traditional upholstered sofas with rich floral prints in bold colours in silk or velvet, gives a more richer look. Pastel shades also in traditional prints carries ethnicity of the Mughal style.Lengthy wooden sofas with a wooden rest and a cushioned back rest, in your foyer, introduces your guest to an elegant home with ethnic style.

5.Divans and Baithaks: Divans extend a traditional appeal to your living room or your private gathering area. They infiltrated into India from Turkey. Make it appealing with block printed, floral, batik, mirror work spreads and bright or pastel mirror worked cushions.

6.Traditional Pillars: Pillars form an integral part of an Indian home and architecture. Pillars lined in the front-yard of the house, on a lengthy elevated stretch on either sides, at the entrance of the house, brings about a traditional appeal at the first glance. Pillars of old homes are sold in traditional furniture shops. The base of the pillars with a round bottom or the crown of a pillar, can serve as centre piece or a side piece with a glass top. These are ideal for your living room.

7.Antique Doors: Antique doors are ideal for the main door at the entrance or for the Puja room. Antique doors go well with wooden fixtures that run horizontally above the door, usually carrying carved images of deities as a symbol of auspiciousness.

8.Antique Mirrors: Mirrors form one of the most significant traditional home decor aspect. A simple big mirror with big, bold frame can work ethnic wonders to your home interior. For a more richer look, carved mirror, suit the purpose.

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