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Hanging Picture Frames: What You Need To Know?

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Guangzhou Yixin frame tell you how to do it right when hanging the picture frame.
Pictures are the simple and elegant way to personalise your room. A good picture could be used to reflect your personality. Although hanging picture seems like a usual task, it is really not easy to hang picture frame perfectly in the first shot. Fortunately, the objective of this brief article is to point out the must remember things in hanging picture frames.

Selecting the right tool to hang picture frame
There are lot of ways to hang the picture. Most commonly used tool to hang the picture is nail. Using nail seems like the best and easy way to hang picture but simply, it is not the truth. By best way, I meant more stable way to hang the picture frame. Hanging pictures through nail could be done by many common people with no instructions being read in the internet but it is not the optimum way to hang the picture frame.

However, if you still insist on using nail, there is a trick that you could count on. Instead of nailing perpendicular to the wall, attach the nail at 45 degrees. Physically, this gives more strength than the former one. Some of the latest picture frames are available with ready-made nails in them. They would automatically adjust their angle with the wall with the movement through the wall. So, such picture frames are really a gift for the amateurs.

Another widely used option for hanging pictures is screw. Screw provides more balance and strength than that of nails. If you got to hang small and medium size pictures, the above solutions would work like a gem. However, if you have to hang big pictures, you got to use advanced tools such as spiral anchors and toggle bots.

Selecting the optimum position
Although choosing position depends on the taste of a person, there are some common guidelines which have to be followed to avoid making a regretful mistake. Ask your friend or family to hold the picture frame in order to get the idea whether the picture adds beauty to the room. It is better to do this task in front of many people in order to get a diversified view on the position selection. Make sure that the picture is not subjected to sun light at all the times of the day, as UV rays from the sun are deadly to paintings.

Selecting the optimum spacing
If you are an art lover and have decided to hang more pictures, you should be careful in choosing the spacing between paintings. Optimum painting spacing depends on many parameters such as total length of wall, distance between wall and window and so on. However, the thumb rule is not making the painting too messy by keeping at a distance less than 20 mm or more than 80 mm at an ordinary situation.

Last but not the least, make sure your painting is straight by looking them from the farthest point of your room. Let your picture mesmerizes everyone but never be a victim of improper picture frame hanging. (Edit:yixin frame)
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