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Three Major Components of Framing a Picture Frame

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The simple steps for people DIY framing the photo frames, just frame moulding, matting board, mounting board and glazing.
If you have not any experience on customizing a picture frame, you may think it is very difficult to make a custom. However, if you get to know the general knowledge of framing a picture frame, you can easily assemble stunning picture frame packages you hope to get. To get a general knowledge, you need to pay attention to the three major components - Frame, Matting Board and Mounting Board and Glazing.

First and foremost, we need to choose a frame. In the market picture frames are usually made of wood, metal and plastic materials. According to your special needs, you should choose the corresponding material. If you hope to pay less money but get more attractive and stylish frame, and you do not mind the frame cannot last for a long time, the plastic picture frame will be your best choice. While, if you do not mind the cost, but pay more attention to the traditional or wood look color to match your tradition picture artwork, the wood picture frame will be good for you. Compared with wood, metal frame can has relatively few simple solid designs, less expensive, and can last for a longer time. There are a wide range of selection to frame design and style in the art & craft market, to get high quality frames that will hang on your wall for years to decorate your picture and home, you need to be patient to research and pick up from numerous frames. Take it easy to try many alternatives, compare with each other, and finally get your favorite ones in special design and style.

After having chosen your favorite frame, the next step you need to decide is which matting board color you should choose to match picture perfectly. Matting board is a paper-based board that is set up between the artwork and glass. Without a matting board, the artwork will probably be adhered by glass, which may make a awful damage on artwork. To keep artwork away from glass, we need a matting board to be put between them. Meanwhile, matting board with proper color can be able to compliment the picture and enhance overall picture frame. There are huge matting board colors for your choice in your local bricks and mortar stores or online shops, one great tip to choose a proper color is to put a cut matting board sample around artwork to observe what the framed artwork will look like. If you do not know whether the matting board color match well with artwork, you can choose white or ivory color because they will compliment almost every artwork well.

Getting the frame and matting board, the next step you should consider about is which mounting board to use. Mounting board is a paper-based board that is set up behind the picture and inside of frame. Many people like to use cardboard as a mounting board, however cardboard has a large amount of acid, once the acid bloods onto the artwork, it will be a ruin to the picture look. So, if the picture you plan to frame is valuable, you should refuse to use cardboard. Choose a high quality mounting board that can finish easily for mounting picture, resist warping and can use for a very long time.

Last but not at least, you need to know how to glazing. Glazing is a transparent cover on a frame. We usually use glass and plexiglas for glazing. The intention of glazing is to prevent artwork from natural dust, dirt and any potential human being damage. Many years ago, people use glass for glazing, but there is a potential risk. If the glass is broken, it may damage the artwork a lot. Nowadays most people prefer to use modern plexiglas for glazing. Without special observation, even a professional framer can hardly tell the plexiglas from glass. Plexiglas is very alike to the glass, but it will not break. (Edit:yixin frame)
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