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Three Different Types of Picture Frame

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Guangzhou Yixin Frame will show you what's the difference of wood, plastic and metal picture frame mouldings.

When talking about picture frame moldings, we need to know the raw materials picture frames are made of. The major three types of picture frame materials are wood, metal and plastic.

Wood picture frames are the most widely applied to decorate painting, portrait, family picture, etc. Strictly speaking, wood picture frames are made of solid wood, composite wood, or wood veneer. Solid wood frame means it is made of one hundred percent wood. Because of the costly price for solid wood, the common people cannot afford to it, there are very few solid wood picture frames in the frame marketplace, so usually you cannot be easy to find out your favorite one made of solid wood. Many different wood stocks or pieces are cut and compressed into a very small piece, and then they are glued all together to form composite wood. The majority of people like to opt for composite wood picture frame, they are very affordable but with the almost same shape as solid wood. Of course, some people also like to choose wood veneer picture frame. People glue some fine quality, exquisite small stocks of wood onto tops of a composite frame to form a wood veneer frame. The wood veneer frame is a little more expensive than a composite one but it looks much more similar to solid one in shape. At your local departments or special frame stores, for the first glaze, you may think you find a solid wood frame, you are wrong because it is a wood veneer one which is very alike to solid wood, so you need to polish your eyes to check it carefully.

Although in our daily life the most frame type we are using is wood, we have to admit that surface of many wood frame is imperfect. The surface of wood is usually uneven, has knots or some other imperfect natural characteristics. To get a perfect surface with wood like shape, people usually can choose high quality wood veneer frame or another plastic frame type.

Plastic frames have been used in daily picture frame decoration nowadays by more and more people. Plastic frame has many advantages such as eco-friendly, light weight, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, good looking, very cheap and so on. As the development of advanced technology and equipment in frame production industry, plastic frames have been produced out and widely applied in our modern times. To get a modern decoration for your picture, you can choose a plastic frame with colored color, to get a traditional decoration you can choose another one with wood like or solid color, to get a shiny appearance in the light you can choose another one with glossy characteristic.

Metal frames usually have fine surface and they are durable, but they are usually expensive, very heavy and they do not have a wide selection of design and style. Metal frames are almost the same as plastic frames, but their colors are usually solid. Usually it is a little ugly look to framing a picture, but it is very sturdier than a plastic frame or wood frame. So, if you want to use one frame for a very long time or even a lifetime, you should go for durable metal frames.

You should choose a picture frame according to your need. If you want your picture frame natural, choose wood frame. If you want your picture frame good looking, choose plastic frame. If you want your picture frame more durable, choose metal frame. (Edit:yixin frame)
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