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This industrial crane turned home is actually quite nice

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The temporary guesthouse is the brainchild of glamping companyand DIY business . They erected a low-impact wooden support structure for the cabin, which stands some 26 feet off the ground. The rest of the “treehouse” was built with sustainable materials. The dwelling is entirely carbon-neutral.

The plant-filled interior boasts a rustic homey vibe with raw wood touches, macrame decoration, and comfy-looking hammock. Local artist Anthony Garrett was commissioned to create a “living painting” out of rich-smelling plants like lavender, sage, and wild flowers.

“It’s taken three years of planning and design, and only three weeks of building, but we got there. What started as a dream has now become a reality,” Canopy & Stars managing director Tom Dixon. “We hope people enjoy their stays in this amazing building and wake up to the great outdoors feeling they are truly part of this pocket of nature in the city – a real natural high.”

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