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How to Frame Your Family Picture?

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Guangzhou Yixin Frame tell you how to frame your family picture appropriately with yixin ps frame mouldings.
Hanging your family picture on the wall can enhance your overall home as a great decoration. The best way to hanging your family picture is to use a picture frame which can adorn picture, prevent it from damage from some natural elements like dust or moisture, human actions such as handling, touching or transporting. When frame your family picture, there are many things you should consider.

Firstly, you should choose picture frame moulding with the right style and color to match your family picture and home. Usually you need let frame mouldings match with your family picture at first, and then consider whether it is in harmony with your home. If the style of your family picture is traditional, you would better choose a classic golden leaf or wood tone color moulding, however if the style is modern, you would better choose simple solid color moulding. A traditional family picture can look very good in a modern decorative room, and a modern family picture can be very harmonious in a traditional decoration room.

Secondly, you should consider the size. If the size of your family picture is large, choose wide frame moulding. If the size is very small, you need to opt for very thin frame moulding. If you use wide frame moulding for your family picture, but the wall space of your room is very limited, you need to use a floater frame. Using a floater frame, the frame moulding do not directly in connect with the family picture, the family picture will be attached to a solid back, which will give us a illusion that the artwork is floating.

Last but not at least, you should know how to finish the framing of your family picture using frame moulding, mat board, glass, and mount board. At first you need to measure the height and width of your family picture, in order to figure out the height and width of frame moulding. The height and width of frame is a bit little larger than that of family picture, so that the frame can accommodate the picture. Except for frame moulding, you also need glass, mat board and mount board to assemble your family picture with them together. Glass can help prevent the picture from dust and fingerprint. Mat board can let viewer focus on the picture, mount board can help match the decoration of hanging environment. You also need to use rabbet to accommodate family picture, mat board, glass and mount board. The depth of rabbet should be deep enough to firm them tightly. (Edit:yixin frame)
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