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Guangzhou Yixin Frame Co., Ltd. is a modern Arts and Crafts enterprise belongs to Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Group, located in the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta - Panyu District of Guangzhou. Plant environment is beautiful, covers an area of over 16,000 square meters, has a strong production capacity.

Yixin Frame is a collection of R&D, production, sales, focus on design and manufacturing high-quality finished bathroom mirrors, full-length mirrors and green picture frame mouldings, photo frame mouldings, mirror frame mouldings, decorative mouldings and various of PS foam mouldings, mainly applied to painting frames, photo frames, mirror frames, home decoration (crown moulding, skirting moulding) and so on, products have the following advantages:

1) Superior quality, waterproof, mothproof and not easy deformation: Yixin use the South Korean imported hot stamping film, not only to replace the decorative painting original field of solid wood products, but also in the field of decorative mouldings completely replace the gypsum material, with waterproof, mothproof and not easy deformation characteristics;

2) Attractive appearance, followed the Italian design: Yixin Frame introduced the foreign outstanding design concept, close connection with local consumers demand, the product looks beautiful, fashionable, colorful, rich patterns, win the favor and praise of the majority of customers;

3) Affordable, selling well all over the world: Yixin Frame ensuring the product quality, product features and services, at the same time, provides affordable price, is the first choice for customers at home and abroad.

Excellent quality single-handedly built by the outstanding talent. Yixin Frame condensed an industry cutting-edge technology team, especially the company founder and Chief Technology Officer Mr.King, served as arts and crafts industry technical director of foreign enterpeise for more than 10 years, is the leader introduced the foreign advanced arts and crafts research and development technology intoChinese market, which laid the Yixin on quality, appearance, features in the industry leading position, and win the long-term trust of a large number of well-known international and domestic enterprises, deep cooperated with American Home Depot company, the United Kingdom Main Iine, Iion UK companies, domestic Golden Ladies wedding photography company.

Yixin Frame adhering to the "Lean Production, Intentions Services" concept, welcome guests everywhere, dissemination of corporate credit quality, help customers improve product grade, once cooperation, long-term marriage.

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Address: No.13 Wenqiao Road, Xinqiao Village, Dalong Street, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China

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