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Yi Xin Frame Customer Service

1, Personalized custom instructions

Tip: You can customize according to your requirements, custom cycle according to the time of the open mold, usually 7 to 20 days

After many years of accumulation, our factory has accumulated more than 2,000 kinds of models and styles of moldings mold, and welcome to OEM;

1) The factory can according to customer requirements marking and production, OEM all kinds of styles of decorative mouldings, the buyer should bear their own customized products tooling costs;

2) Our factory dies all by hand mold, mold opening time general need 7 to 20 days (depending on the season).

2, PRD customers in the purchase of PS frame moldings, mirrors and other products reach a certain number, our factory will provides you door-to-door delivery; the purchase number less than our requirements and customers in other regions, we are generally logistics, freight to collect;

3, In the purchase of goods if quality problems, please take pictures to us the first time, it will be negotiated settlement with you the first time after we verify;

4, For the scrap and other waste that you generated in the production process, we can also do recycling process;

5, Join Yi Xin franchisees, we can provide PS moulding promotional informations, samples support services.

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