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Although we are Chinese PS moulding manufacturer, we can offer exquisite European style plastic mouldings to help you save much money and enjoy the fine design. We have professional designers who always follow the European fashion design trend, high quality polystyrene raw material imported from Korea, advanced technology and equipment, so we are able to produce fine quality plastic moulding in European style.

Compared with other European countries, Chinese PS mouldings are much cheaper with the same good quality, so if you plan to wholesale PS mouldings, you can save much money by importing from Chinese manufacturer or supplier. With 12 years of manufacturing experience, we have become a leading manufacturer in PS moulding industry. So, why not give it a try to do business with us to get a great win-win cooperation?

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Quality Plastic Frame Moulding Wholesale Black White Color Not Embossed H6843

Yixin Model The Number of Packing The Total Length / Box Color
H6843 20 60 m black, white, gold, silver, red, brown
Moulding Height Moulding Length Moulding Width
43mm 3 m 68 mm
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