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Want to enhance the architecture or your home? Usually you need a bathroom mirror frame and a full-length mirror frame to ornament bathroom and dressing room. You can go to local mirror frame store or shop online to buy mirror frame. However, if you cannot find any favorite mirror frame that can perfectly match the architecture or your home, you need to buy or custom mirror frame moulding from professional mirror frame moulding supplier, and then assemble them by yourself. is a great Chinese mirror frame molding manufacturer and exporter. If you are a batheroom mirror frame wholesaler, a floor length mirror frame supplier, or a customer who needs to custom mirror frame, welcome to buy mirror frame mouldings from us. We constanly offer fine quality mirror frame mouldings, great customer service and very fair price for global customers to get a great long cooperation.
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Plastic Mirror Frame Moulding for Sale in Bulk 7922-168E

Yixin Model The Number of Packing The Total Length / Box Color
7922-168E m
Moulding Height Moulding Length Moulding Width
36mm m 24 mm
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